TVS Test Price in Bangladesh : A Comprehensive Guide

TVS Test Prices in Bangladesh

The Two-Wheeler Vehicle Servicing (TVS) test is a crucial aspect of maintaining motorcycle safety and roadworthiness in Bangladesh. This article delves into the details of TVS test prices in Bangladesh, highlighting the importance of this test, the factors affecting its cost, and the role it plays in ensuring road safety.

The Significance of TVS Testing

TVS testing is a mandatory process in Bangladesh for all motorbikes and scooters. This test is designed to assess the roadworthiness of two-wheelers, ensuring they meet safety and emissions standards. By conducting TVS tests regularly, authorities aim to reduce accidents caused by poorly maintained motorcycles and curb air pollution from vehicles that do not meet emission standards.

Variations in TVS Test Prices

There are different rates present for the TVS test. If the test is taken as a doppler image or color doppler image, the price would be double or a bit more than that. While the black and white oldish ultrasound tests are available for 1000 taka. If you are performing a color doppler test, the price could be 2500 taka to 3000 taka.

Type of Two-Wheeler: The size and type of the two-wheeler being tested can influence the price. For instance, larger motorcycles may require more extensive testing and consequently cost more.

  1. Additional Services: Some testing centers offer additional services such as express testing, where the test is conducted more quickly. These premium services often come at a higher price.
  2. Discounts and Promotions: Periodically, testing centers may offer discounts or promotions, reducing the cost of the TVS test for customers.

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TVS testing is integral to road safety in Bangladesh for several reasons:

  1. Vehicle Safety: By identifying and rectifying mechanical and safety issues, TVS testing helps prevent accidents caused by faulty brakes, lights, or other critical components.
  2. Emissions Control: TVS testing ensures that vehicles meet emission standards, contributing to reduced air pollution and improved air quality.
  3. Compliance with Regulations: It enforces compliance with government regulations, promoting responsible vehicle ownership and road safety.
  4. Economic Impact: Ensuring that vehicles are in good condition can also help reduce maintenance costs for owners in the long run.


The TVS test is an essential component of ensuring road safety and reducing environmental pollution in Bangladesh. While the cost of this test can vary based on factors such as location, type of test, and additional services, it is a necessary investment for motorcycle and scooter owners. By adhering to TVS testing requirements and regulations, both vehicle owners and authorities contribute to safer roads, reduced emissions, and a healthier environment for all. Regular TVS testing not only enhances road safety but also promotes responsible vehicle ownership, ultimately benefiting society as a whole.



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